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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy in St. Petersburg

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Licensed Massage Therapists St Petersburg Fl

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Massage therapist in St. Petersburg at The Rubin Health Center will give you relief from back and neck pain and many other body issues.

Once considered to be pampering for the rich and famous, massage therapy is now finding enormous popularity among millions of Americans. Massage therapy provides relief for people from all walks of life - the athlete, the home gardener, the over-stressed executive, waitresses, laborers - virtually everyone feels the need for a massage sooner or later.

University of Miami School of Medicine's Touch Research Institute have found massage to be helpful in decreasing blood pressure, alleviating pain in migraine sufferers and improving alertness and performance in office workers.

Countless Scientific Studies Show that Massage Therapy Has an Impressive Range of Physical, Mental, and Emotional Benefits. Here a just a few listed below:

  • Massage | rehabilitation after injury: massage will increase your strength and flexibility after injuries while speeding up the healing process dramatically. Massage has been used by professional athletes for years and has now become a standard treatment for all skeletal, tendon and muscle injuries.
  • Massage therapy will increase your circulation to the injured area while relaxing your muscles, which allows your body to pump more needed oxygen to your injured tissues and vital organs, to increase the healing process.
  • Massaging the injured areas will increase muscle and joint flexibility which will get you feeling better faster, and back on the golf course or tennis courts or back to your normal schedule and life.
  • The pressure of an experienced massage therapist's hands will increase blood flow to the affected area and your muscles will become warmer, which allows more blood to flow in and out of the injured area.
  • Massage will help relieve stress: massage has been scientifically proven to lower your body’s heart rate and blood pressure, while relaxing your muscles and increasing endorphins, which makes you, feel better.
  • Massage will also release serotonin and dopamine levels in your body, which will relax you and allow your body to heal much faster.
  • Massage is the number one treatment for stress relief and relaxing the entire body, not just your mind.
  • To achieve real stress relief, you must relax the mind as well as the body, which will allow your body’s natural healing process to work much more effectively.
  • If you’ve recently started to eat healthier and exercise, then massage will be an important part of your path to wellness naturally.
  • Fact: medical studies have shown that as little as a 30 minute massage will measurably lower your resting heart rate, while effectively lowering cortisol levels and insulin levels, which is extremely important in today’s stressful world.
  • Massage will make you look and feel healthier from the inside out. Stress relief through massage will improve your state of mind, which will show up in all sorts of ways like healthier looking skin, better posture, as well as a better disposition, which has been proven to increase your life span and make you look and feel much better while you’re enjoying the benefits of a stress free life.
  • Massage therapy will allow you to cope more effectively with the daily pressures of life, not to mention the extremely good effects of an increase in your energy levels and mental performance that will allow you to perform better at work and play!
  • Massage for muscle tension and stiffness: all of us have worked out or played too hard and suffered with sore muscles, joints and tendons afterwards. Exercise is just one of the many causes of muscle and tendons that ache in your body.
  • Lower back pain and muscle pain in most cases comes from sitting (incorrectly in most cases) all day long, which can lead to chronic back pain, the most common reason in America for people missing work (as well as a round of golf).
  • Simply standing in one place all day long is another common cause of muscle fatigue and stiffness, as well as repetitive motion that’s an important part of performing your job or a sport such as golf or tennis, which requires strict adherence to doing the same movement over and over again.
  • Massage can help to stop the cause of these types of injuries while helping you to heal faster if you’re already injured.
  • Muscle spasms and tense muscles from bad posture and being overweight are extremely common causes of muscle tension and stiffness in your lower and upper back, your hips and hamstrings.
  • Massage relaxes tense muscles; increasing your flexibility, which will allow you to feel better and perform better when you increase your blood flow to muscles that deliver much needed oxygen to the affected areas; reducing swelling, soreness and stiffness and increasing your flexibility in your joints and muscles.

These are just some of the proven benefits of massage:

  • Reduces pain and swelling
  • Reduces formation of excessive scar tissue
  • Reduces muscle spasms
  • Provides greater joint flexibility and range of motion
  • Enhances athletic performance
  • Promotes deeper and easier breathing
  • Improves circulation of blood
  • Improves movement of lymph fluids
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Relieves tension-related headaches
  • Relieves eye-strain
  • Aids in relaxation
  • Enhances the health and nourishment of skin
  • Improves posture
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Treats musculoskeletal problems
  • Improves post-operative rehabilitation

Which type of massage do you need?

Trigger Point Therapy Massage | St Petersburg Fl

  • What is a trigger point massage? Trigger points are tight areas within your body’s muscle tissue which will cause pain to radiate to other areas of your body.
  • A trigger point in your upper back can refer pain to your neck and shoulder, which can refer pain into your arm. Referred pain will present as a sharp stabbing pain, or a dull ache.
  • Trigger point massage therapy will alleviate the source of your pain through a pressure and release technique, while you will be asked to breathe deeply and to help the therapist to find the exact spot which is the source of the pain.
  • You can expect decrease in pain after your first trigger point massage and with regular treatments you’ll be able to easily manage the pain and stress caused because of injuries.
  • Call us at (727) 822-1555 with any questions about massage therapy in St Petersburg at the Rubin Health Clinic in St Petersburg Fl.

Prenatal Massage | St Petersburg Fl

  • Massage during pregnancy: while massage is scientifically proven to improve your health, reduce stress levels, and relax muscle tension. There are countless scientific studies that prove massage therapy is extremely beneficial to you and your unborn child.
  • You must find a massage therapist certified in prenatal massage in St Petersburg and we are at The Rubin Health Clinic., so always ask for the qualifications of your massage therapist and their training in working with women who are pregnant.
  • Massage therapy during your pregnancy will reduce anxiety and depression, while relieving your aching muscles and joints and a relaxed you, with a good attitude is always good for your unborn child.
  • Swedish massage is perfect for relaxing muscles and improving blood circulation by use of mild pressures applied to your muscles all over your body. Your doctors will tell you they recommend prenatal massage during pregnancy to help with skeletal and circulatory changes from hormone changes during pregnancy.
  • Swollen joints experienced while you’re pregnant are the result of reduced circulation and increased pressure on large blood vessels around your uterus. Massage stimulates soft tissues to reduce fluids in swollen joints, which also improves the body’s lymph system; once again this is good for you and your baby.
  • Lower back pain is common with women during pregnancy, because the uterus pushes on the muscles of the pelvis and lower back. This spreads tension to the muscles of the upper and lower legs, causing swelling and pressure the nerves.
  • Call us at (727) 822-1555 with any questions about massage therapy in St Petersburg at the Rubin Health Clinic in St Petersburg Fl.

Deep Tissue massage | St Petersburg Fl

  • Deep Tissue massage: concentrates on the deep layers of muscle and fascia in your body, using deep finger pressure with slow firm strokes, deep tissue massage is helpful for a variety of physical problems.
  • Deep tissue massage is much more effective for relieving chronic pain, because deep tissue massage increases the flow of blood throughout your body, reducing the causes of the inflammation causing you pain.
  • Deep tissue massage also alleviates muscle tension which is a side effect of chronic pain by slowly loosening the tight tissues that are causing spasms.
  • Deep-tissue massage will also ease stress and tension. Patients receiving deep tissue massage on average experience systolic pressure drops of 10 points and their diastolic pressure fell on average 5 points, while also increasing their production of serotonin a hormone in your body that promotes a feeling of well-being.
  • Call us at (727) 822-1555 with any questions about massage therapy in St Petersburg at the Rubin Health Clinic in St Petersburg Fl.

Cranial sacral massage therapy | St Petersburg Fl

  • Cranial sacral therapy involves only the bones in your head. This form of massage will release pressure in the areas of your skull that are causing stress and pain, by relieving pain and dysfunction while improving whole body health and performance.
  • Your brain and spine are extremely important in controlling your body’s ability to work with your central nervous system, while your central nervous system is dependent on your craniosacral system, the membrane and fluid that protect and nourish your brain and spinal cord.
  • Unfortunately the stresses of everyday life cause your body tissues to tighten and distort the craniosacral system, causing tension to form around your brain and spinal cord and causing restrictions, creating a barrier to the performance of your central nervous system and the rest of your body.
  • Cranial sacral therapist using their hands, gently feel locations of your body to test for ease of motion of the cerebrospinal fluid around the brain and spinal cord. Special techniques are used to release restrictions to tissues affecting the craniosacral system.
  • The National Headache Foundation says that 28 million Americans suffer from migraine headaches that are triggered by stress and poor sleep. In a study published Behavioral Medicine, researchers found that people who received Cranial Sacral Therapy slept better and had fewer migraines.
  • Call us at (727) 822-1555 with any questions about massage therapy in St Petersburg at the Rubin Health Clinic in St Petersburg Fl.

Swedish massage | St Petersburg Fl

  • What is Swedish massage? Swedish massage is the most common type of massage performed by Massage Therapist in St Petersburg and is used to relax your body as well ridding your body of toxins and increasing your blood circulation.
  • Swedish massage works your muscles by using long strokes that are in the direction of blood that is returning to your heart, which is why it increases your blood circulation and that’s always good for your health.
  • Swedish massage uses long kneading strokes along with rhythmic strokes that also involves tapping the top layers of your muscles, which also involves movement of your joints during the massage. Swedish therapy is relaxing and energizing and very helpful when you’re recovering from injuries that involve your muscles and joints.
  • Call us at (727) 822-1555 with any questions about massage therapy in St Petersburg at the Rubin Health Clinic in St Petersburg Fl.

Geriatric Massage | St Petersburg Fl

  • Geriatric massage therapy will decrease the stiffness and soreness that comes to us all as we age. If suffer from arthritis, diabetes or Parkinson disease, massage will improve lymphatic fluid circulation which will help to provide some relief.
  • Geriatric massage helps senior citizens who suffer with isolation and restlessness. Our licensed massage therapist develop an emotional and physical bond in most cases that benefits many elderly patients.
  • Massage therapy is particularly valuable for the aches and pains associated with growing older and with the rise in aging baby-boomers, massage therapists are learning massage techniques designed to help elderly patients.
  • Geriatric massage sessions usually last 30 minutes to an hour, but if the patient must remain in a wheelchair, the massage can take longer.
  • Geriatric massage therapist usually spend more time on the hands and feet when the patient can’t walk or doesn’t have full use of their hands.
  • Geriatric massage increases circulation and decreases stiff muscles, while decreasing inflammation in the joints.
  • Call us at (727) 822-1555 with any questions about massage therapy in St Petersburg at the Rubin Health Clinic in St Petersburg Fl.

Sports Massage | St Petersburg Fl

    • Sports massage therapy is well known to athletes in all sports. I’m sure you’ve seen the Boxer getting worked over before and after a fight or long distance runners and sprinters receiving massages, you’ll understand the importance of sports massage if you want to perform your best at any sport.
    • Athletes are forced to learn and endlessly practice movements for their sport that must be performed with exacting accuracy literally tens of thousands of times. This is the perfect recipe for over-used and over-stressed muscles and tendons that come from repetitive movements, i.e. carpel tunnel syndrome suffered by so many people, from work and hobby related movements for years.
    • Sports massage therapy is used as a preventative therapy as well as therapy for injuries to enhance performance as well as reducing recovery times, when maximum performance is needed during an event.
    • Sports massage therapy helps with flexibility and improving endurance, while preventing injuries that are caused when a muscle group is not properly warmed up.
    • Massage enhances athletic performance sports massage focuses on soft tissue aches, pain and injuries that are common to all athletes. Massage reduces muscle stiffness and relaxes sore muscles by reducing your heart rate and blood pressure.
    • Athletes all experience the benefits of massage, by having a massage therapist carefully apply pressure to soft tissues, which helps to maintain muscle flexibility and increased range of motion that relieves muscle stiffness.
    • If you’ve never experienced the increase in performance and the increased recovery times, gained from sports massage before or after a sporting event, let The Rubin Health Clinic in St. Petersburg introduce you to real peak performance in your sport.
    • Call us at (727) 822-1555 with any questions about massage therapy in St Petersburg at the Rubin Health Clinic in St Petersburg Fl.

Massage Therapy FAQ’S

What happens during my first session? You’ll need to fill out some paperwork and then you’ll be left alone in the massage room to undress to your level of comfort. Then you’ll lie down on massage table and cover yourself with sheet and or blankets. I don’t enter the room until you tell me that you are ready. There is relaxing music playing, unless you prefer silence. After the massage is over, you’ll be left to dress in private.

How long does a massage take? This will vary with the type of massage and your physical condition. Most people start with an hour massage. A half hour massage is only enough time for a specific area of your body.

Does a one hour massage last for 60 minutes? Yes. When you schedule an hour for a massage, you’ll get 60 minutes of time on the table. The only exception would be if you were late for your appointment.

Do I need to wear special clothes? No, wear whatever you like. If you want a massage with your clothes on, you should wear loose fitting clothing.

Do I need to do anything before my massage? Drink plenty of fluids the day of your massage and woman should remove makeup if we’re going to be working on your head.

How often do I need a massage? We recommend getting a massage at least once a month, unless you have some injuries that require more sessions. Many of our clients come in once a week; most come in every other week. After you experience the health benefits of massage you’ll want to come more often.

Does a massage make you sore? Oftentimes when working with an injury, it could be uncomfortable. But we will take our time, so you can relax and enjoy your massage.

Is talking okay when getting a massage? You will be asked questions about your comfort level and in some cases feedback is required. It’s up to you get to decide if you want to talk, but most of the time people relax during the massage and just rest.

How does massage help? Massage relieves muscle pain and promotes healing while improving flexibility. Massage increases circulation and provides new oxygen to the bloodstream, which helps rid your body of toxins and waste from muscles.

What types of massage are there to choose from? We have a list above of the types of massage we offer. The most common is a Swedish massage, that’s a relaxing massage with light pressure. We offer deep tissue massage, sports massage, trigger point therapy.

Sports massage focuses on healing your body after a sports injuries and improving your sports performance by increasing blood flow and flexibility.

How does massage help my chiropractic care? Chiropractic care doesn’t target tense muscles that affect your body's movement and create alignment problems. Massage complements chiropractic by easing tension, while chiropractic aligns the spine's vertebrae, taking pressure off nerves.

Will my mobility improve with massage? Tense muscles make it hard for your body to move and reduces your flexibility and range of motion. Chronic pain and can keep your joints from moving properly. Tight muscles reduce circulation and allow lactic acid accumulation in the muscles.

What areas of the body can massage help? Massage can help the whole body as we’ve discussed above.

We always get your medical history during your first appointment, because massage is not recommended for some types of cancer and heart disease. If you’re in doubt ask your doctor about your medical condition and if he thinks therapeutic massage is right for you.

Call us at (727) 822-1555 with any questions about massage therapy in St Petersburg at the Rubin Health Clinic in St Petersburg Fl.

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